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Involvement of target customers within 20 minutes after the start of the company.
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  • The program from Google, that alarms about website intrusion

    Google has developed a new tool that is now a part of Google Webmaster Tools, and its task - is informing web masters about hacked websites under control, and the placement of harmful programs.

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  • Google banned eleven million websites

    Recently Google has done some cleaning up and deleted from the search system 11 million untrustworthy website

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  • New search index from Google Caffeine

    Caffeine – is an innovation in the search index of Google. With its help you can receive fresher search results (up to 50% more).

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  • The influence of the search in Google

    The company Google is serious in studies concerning internet marketing. Specialists constantly study the influence of advertising and searching on the behavior of people, and using their results a more successful promotion strategy can be formed. To study the collected data that the search engine uses to form a strategy, you just need to visit the website. Here is an example of these experiments

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  • Facebook is doing face recognition

    The scientists of the «face of Facebook» have decided to conduct another interesting experiment. Now they are interested what you can find out about a stranger just by looking at their picture. And it is possible, if that person is registered on Facebook.

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  • Reputation Management

    Reputation management is one of the most traditional services in the internet. The most important of reputation management is increasing the number of customer and creating a positive company image.

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  • Niche Marketing

    Niche marketing is one of the most effective commercial strategies in the internet, the main principle of which is the analysis of how relevant a web page is to the content that it holds.

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  • Website Promotion

    Statistically, more than 80% of the total number of people in the internet, are using search engines to find information about goods and services.

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  • Website Development

    The internet has become such an important part of all spheres of our life, that no company can overlook the importance of having their own company’s image on the Web.

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