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About Domain Age Checker

A lot of webmasters and SEOs are using the domain age checker tool today. A number of  them believe that the older the age of a domain is  the  better it shall rank on se's. Having said that, there are numerous members regarding the community that is same don’t agree with this concept.Let’s explore this discussion a bit further and determine whether  the domain age issues in standing by search-engines.

Why does domain age matter

Bigger  link profile

The reason why elderly domain names are performing better in search-engines ranking is some quality has been got by them backlinks. The search  engines analyze backlinks of the website, and when backlinks tend to be with web sites which have dominance and authority, they are rated better. The Search Engine Optimization work done into  the last to create high quality inbound links is a huge plus point for the website.

Established Character

Some domain names have founded a good reputation in their particular marketplace segment. It is  a huge positive point, as establishing a new domain and getting a strong  reputation does take  time and effort. You are off to a flying start if you are lucky enough to buy a domain with an established reputation which is ranking well with search engines. Some organizations are spending heavily in developing their reputation and trust in the internet market.


a well aged and set up domain are going to be finding  a reasonable number of traffic. Getting regular traffic indicates the last owner spent time and money on getting heavy traffic to your site. Therefore if you were to invest in buying that domain, you'llnot have to worry about getting traffic, as which will currently be truth be told there. Indeed, as  the owner that is new will need  to bother about maintaining that level  of traffic and increasing it.

Search Engine Ranking

What concerns SEOs the  most is getting a ranking that is top their internet sites by search-engines. If a old domain has a good search engine ranking, it's going to save yourself a lot of  time and SEO effort. Keep in mind it isn't simple  to establish a fresh website and expects to get  a ranking that is top. Top ranking requires  a  large amount  of SEO effort, time and money. Getting  a ranking that is top means immediate presence and profit. Also, you might be saving for  a  lot of Search Engine Optimization work.

Major Flaws in Aged Domains

We have discussed the many benefits  of purchasing  a domain which will be aged and it is reputable and established. But before buying a domain that is aged some defects might occur in a old domain which has  to be examined.

  • Black hat SEO Techniques

        Black cap practices could have  been used  by the website that is previous or SEO in tries  to enhance the ranking of this domain. It could take the time and effort to        ascertain or perhaps a past owner had utilized any unlawful strategies regarding  the domain. If these flaws are not removed,  the domain could possibly  be on the line.

  • Bad Reputation

It is another flaw that can exist in a aged domain. Some users could  have obstructed the web site or tagged it as malware or spam. This bad or reputation that is flawed           harm your brand therefore  the standing  of your business.

Key Notes

We've talked about both, the positive and negative points of aged domains. You can now note  that both edges associated with the argument have  some valid things. Therefore  it’s better  to consider a domain that is aged before deciding to purchase it.

Checking Domains

Presently  there are many ways in which you can examine a domain before a bid is made by you to purchase it. You can run a bulk domain age checker in case  you wish to check several domain. You'll be able to do work with a domain expiration time checker to know whenever is really a domain expiring. You could operate a domain subscription time checker to see once the domain ended up being signed up and it has experienced procedure. It’s extremely similar to checking a car before it is bought by you. You check the make, the design, the motor, the tires, etc. Similarly, you need  to check  the age, reputation, traffic, SEO strategies used before you buy a domain that is aged.

One of the most useful domain age checker tools that you should use is given  by You'll only go directly to  the domain age checker click and icon on it. Or perhaps you can merely here copy/paste from to  the address club of one's search web browser.

Enter the domain name you want to perform a check into and then click on ‘Check.' This tool that is handy inform  you the annotated following:

  • Date created on
  • Age
  • Domain updated on
  • Domain expiration day
  • Ip
  • Name Servers
  • In the past

Registrar It's  a lot of information about  a domain. It not merely tells you age while  the termination day, but it also explains the IP address. Just how straight back is just a fascinating feature. It shows the way back history of the domain when you click on ‘history of domain. If the domain was registered 15 years back and had been used  for 5  years and discarded, and again got signed up and active 36 months ago, the  record will show all that.

Now this will provide you with an idea that is excellent of old the domain is. Additionally, you will come to know if it had several past owners.

The ip will tell you who's presently hosting the internet site as well as  the form  of ip it has. All  this information will allow you to for making the decision that is correct purchasing  a made use of domain. Nevertheless, you ought not to only be determined by that one device to make  a decision. You should carefully explore the domain. You can use a device to check on the backlinks regarding the domain. Plus you need to use various other SEO tools before generally making a ultimate decision. You don’t want to have stuck by having  a bad package.